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Q.   Does Hemp Paste contain THC?

A. Technically, yes.  However, the law requires the THC level in hemp to be below .03%

Q.   Can I get high from Hemp Paste products?

A. No.  You can’t get high from Hemp Paste products.

Q.  Is Hemp paste legal to ship anywhere in the US?

 A. We believe it is.   However, with the state and local laws ever-changing, it's best to check with your particular state.

2000mg Jar Hemp Paste, 200mg Trial Size Samples and Canna Chocolate Bar

Q.  Can Hemp Paste be shipped outside the US?

 A.  Yes, Hemp Paste is legal in many countries. Always check with the laws of the country where you are shipping.

Q.  How do I administer or take the paste myself?

 A.  The most popular way is sublingual (under the tongue) until it dissolves.  The paste has an earthy flavor so if it is a little off-putting, in the beginning, chase it down with water or juice.  If that doesn't work, you can put it into a gel cap and take it that way.  Some people take it with a small amount of our Canna CBD Chocolate Bar.  If all else fails, it can be taken via suppository.  The latter is actually for best absorption as it bypasses the stomach acids.

Q.  What is the retail cost per milligram of CBD?

A.  Hemp Paste is about 7 cents per milligram which is considerably lower than the rest of the industry.

Q.  Are there any disadvantages to Hemp Paste in comparison to CBD oil?

A.  Frankly no.  One may experience a slightly bitter taste and smell similiar to cannabis. Some have said they taste a sweet taste.  Others say there is more of an earthy taste.   Our taste buds are all different so expect a difference from one to another.

Q.  What dosage should I take?

A.  Unfortunately, the FDA will not allow us to prescribe an exact dosage.  However, Hemp Paste is dose-specific meaning each person may require a different amount.  Everyone’s body chemistry is different so finding the correct amount will be up to the individual.

 Q.  What oils are used in making Hemp Paste?

A.  Our preference is MCT (medium chain tri- glycerides) as it is a catalyst for the cannabinoids but coconut oil may also be used.  We recommend organic whenever possible.

Q.  Can you use Hemp Paste topically?

A.  Yes, you can.  We have a Hemp Cream that can be applied to the body in areas where there is pain, example: joint pain.

Q.  How long will a jar of Hemp Paste last unopened?

A.  If refrigerated and unopened, it will last 2 years.  It is recommended that Hemp Paste be kept refrigerated so the ingredients don't separate.  However, it is fine at room temperature, however, you may need to stir the paste before you take it. 

Q.  How much Hemp Paste is each jar?

A.  there are 3 sizes available: 230mg (sample size) 1000mg 2000mg

Full Jar & Samples

Full Jar Top Angle

Samples Group

The Difference Between CBD Oil And Hemp Paste

CBD Oil VS Hemp Paste

Skin Care Products That Stimulate, Nourish and Vitalize the Skin

Our skin is a protective covering. It produces oil, it allows the feeling of sensation and eliminates toxins through perspiration. The skin is our largest organ and has the remarkable ability to regenerate itself about every three months so taking proper care is critical to achieving healthy skin. To maintain proper balance, it must have circulation, stimulation and nutrition.

Woman With Beautiful SkinIn our 20’s and 30’s our skin begins to age and although not yet noticeable free radical damage has begun.

In our 40’s, the connective tissue containing fat cells starts to diminish which leads to thinner skin. Free radicals can attack the collagen molecules causing the skin to become dry and lose its elasticity. Often times we begin to see age spots and other abnormalities. Collagen, on the other hand, gives the skin its strength and flexibility.

Connective tissue is mostly made up of collagen and proteoglycans (proteins). Hyaluronic Acid is the core of proteoglycans which provides the basis for collagen. Hyaluronic Acid holds about 10,000 times its weight in water and this allows the skin its flexibility.

As we age, the body produces less glucosamine sulfate which is essential to the production of hyaluronic acid. By applying a properly formulated hyaluronic acid serum to the skin, a more youthful appearance is created.

In our 50’s, many of us are grasping at anything that says it will suppress or reverse the years of environmental, hormonal and chemical assault on our skin. We are constantly looking for ways to look and feel younger.

For the past twenty years or so, we have drastically increased our utilization of skin care and anti-aging products. Middle age and those in late middle age make up the vast majority of users. But don’t count out those who are in their 60’s or older just yet. There are many in this age group that are receiving procedures such as dermal implants, face lifts and Botox and most all are looking for ways to delay or cover up the inevitable. While aging is unavoidable, there are things we can do to create healthy skin and minimize the signs of aging. We need to hydrate, stimulate and nourish the skin.

SaShea products address all of these concerns by specifically formulating products from cleansers and moisturizers to the most complex serums that stimulate, nourish and vitalize the skin. By applying these topical vitamins and essential oils and with continued use your skin will become soft, supple and have the appearance of healthy skin.

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