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CBD Hemp Paste

Hemp Paste is the flagship product of the MyNutra brand.  They are the creators of Hemp Paste.  MyNutra along with the law firm of Morgan and Morgan (Florida) created legislative history and who wrote the legal definition of hemp and cannabis, put into law their proprietary creation of cannabis paste. The purpose of this law was to identify the difference between cannabis paste and oil.  In addition, the MyNutra brand also makes hemp cream and the world's only vegan dark chocolate bar with Hemp Paste.

In legal terms, Hemp Paste is just called hemp.  The Law stipulates that hemp must be less than .3% THC and Hemp Paste meets these standards.  It took at least 4 years of crossbreeding and testing over 330 cannabis plants to find what now tests at .24% THC and 19.37% CBD, in MyNutra's Hemp Paste.  Most hemp only contains 2-3% CBD. It takes an abundant amount of hemp to produce CBD.

To produce CBD oil or tinctures, the hemp is concentrated.  There are some serious complications using this process in that strong sometimes caustic chemicals, and solvents such as butane, alcohol or Co2 are added.  This causes the natural structure to become adulterated and in many instances rendering the products quality, inferior or substandard. 

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